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Family is Our Foundation

VOX Printing has a rich, family history dating back to 1971 when Dennis and LaVerna Reid opened their doors in Oklahoma City as a general commercial printer. Then, they were parents of three-year-old David and one-month-old Robert. From the beginning, they learned extraordinary commitment builds big business. Over the past nearly 50 years, this small family business has made customer relationships their foundation. VOX Printing has grown from primarily serving the Oklahoma City area, to servicing national accounts across the country.

VOX Printing remains family owned with LaVerna Reid at the helm as CEO and her two sons, David and Robert serving as President and Vice President of Operations.

“We’re known as a company that does what is says… Always keeps its promises and always delivers on time.”

A Philosophy of Speed, Flexibility and Value

Today, VOX Printing is one of the country’s largest producers of quick service paper goods. VOX is the largest trayliner producer in the United States. We print trayliners and other products for most of the McDonald’s restaurants across the country. Meeting your company’s deadline is our top priority. Efficiency, speed and quality are core philosophies for every member of the VOX Printing Team.

“We never say no to a job. We find out what our customers need. Then execute.”

From folding cartons to trayliners and a full array of custom retail packaging, VOX Printing will do whatever it takes to make sure every project is executed perfectly, delivered on time, every time, at the best value to our customer.

At VOX Printing we invest in high-quality equipment because speed matters. We are dedicated to utilizing the best in modern technology to provide our customers with a wide range of quality print and multimedia. We approach every project with confidence knowing even the toughest deadlines are possible for the VOX Team. We provide prompt service at competitive prices. Our nesters are among the fastest in the world. They package 40,000 to 50,000 finished products per hour. Our fastest tray liner press produces 50 trayliners a second, that’s 180,000 tray liners per hour.

“A few times in the past, with a customer in a crisis, we have been known to produce and ship an entire truckload of trayliners in 24 hours.”

Customer Relationships are Our Commitment

At VOX printing our size is a source of pride. We have fewer than 100 employees. We are small enough to meet customers’ needs with lightning speed and adjust quickly when necessary. We are also large enough to service the world’s biggest fast food giants.

The VOX Sales Force, Design Team, Printing Presses and Shipping Headquarters are all under one roof. Our all-hands-on-deck approach equates to superior service for each and every client. Being family owned means every project gets white-glove treatment at VOX Printing. We know your company operates in a competitive environment and at VOX we are committed to earning your trust and your business.

At VOX Printing we invest in long-term relationships with our customers.

Our Team

Fast. Friendly. Flexible

The VOX Printing team is committed to relationship development. Our team brings the highest level of care, concern and dedication to our customers. VOX Printing is family-focused from the top down. Extraordinary commitment builds big business. At VOX, meeting your company’s deadlines is what we do. We’re family owned and every project gets white-glove treatment. We deliver on time at the best value to our customer. Let VOX Printing earn your trust and your business!

David Reid | VOX Printing President

David Reid

VOX Printing President

David grew up in the family printing business. He started working for 50 cents an hour collating books. Forty years later, he now spends his time working to make sure Vox customers are successful. This is shown by creating simple, streamlined processes that help our customers’ packaging and printing projects to go so smoothly that they can move on to the next challenge with the peace of mind that everything is taken care of, their money spent wisely and their products represent their brand well.

David enjoys serving the community. He currently serves as the President of the Last Frontier Council of the Boy Scouts of America. He is also on the board of RMHC-OKC. In the past, David has chaired the Printing Industries of America – Mid America (OK, TX, KS & MO), been president of RMHC-OKC, on the board of Young Presidents Organization of OKC and served his church as a Deacon, Elder and Sunday School Teacher.

David married Jennifer in 1989 and they have 3 great kids. They enjoy traveling, landscaping and time with friends.

David earned a finance degree from Oklahoma State University.

Robert Reid | VOX Printing Vice President

Robert Reid

VOX Printing Vice President

Before Robert became Vice President of Operations for Vox printing he started out boxing up stitched booklets and alternating the direction they were placed in the box every 10 booklets. He was able to secure this first job at age 6 after a rigorous interview by his 10 year old brother in the parking lot where he proved with confidence he could count to 10. After college Robert joined Vox Printing full time in 1992 and has led Vox’s 60 employees on their continuous improvement journey and implementation of Lean tools. His dissatisfaction with process inefficiencies is both legendary and at times exhausting to those who know him.

Robert is active in the Student Ministry Department at his church where he chairs committees, teaches Sunday school, served as an Elder. He also leads a middle school boy’s small group where he pays his penance for his antics as a 7th grader. He is involved in his son’s BSA troop. He has served as a board member and speaker for National PIA Continuous Improvement Conferences and has served on Vo-Tech boards to help guide the Graphic Arts programs in the state of Oklahoma.

Robert has been married to Amy since 1997 and they have 2 phenomenal kids.

He earned a Management and Marketing degree from Oklahoma State University in 3 years (Robert does not like inefficiencies).

John Singleton | VOX Printing Sales Manager

John Singleton

VOX Printing Sales Executive – US East

As our Sales Executive covering the eastern US, John loves giving customers worry-free packaging and printing solutions. His mission is safeguarding your most valuable resources of time and energy by effectively handling your packaging and printing supply.

As a result of our diligent, timely and quality work, John helps you look great in the eyes of your distribution partners, marketing stakeholders, operators and, most importantly, customers. While helping you look great, John will free you up to invest your energy and time in your most important decisions.

He and his wife of 27 years have three wonderful children, an amazing grandchild and two loving dogs. Evenings find John volunteering with Big Brothers & Big Sisters, doing carpentry and cooking. His ideal weekend includes family and friends, the mountains and his fly rod. John grew up in Kansas and still loves the Wheat State, but has become an Okie.

John Singleton | VOX Printing Sales Manager

Derek Reid

VOX Printing Sales Executive – US West

Meet Derek Reid, a packaging specialist and third-generation employee at Vox Printing. With his exceptional expertise and unwavering commitment to excellence, Derek is confident in his ability to provide timely, efficient, and high-quality packaging and printing solutions to his clients.

Derek has built a reputation for his prompt response times and dedication to delivering top-notch work for his partners. He recognizes the importance of achieving speedy results and exceptional outcomes for his clients. Moreover, Derek is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that his clients are satisfied with their projects.

Derek has a finance degree from The University of Oklahoma and lives in San Diego. In his free time, he enjoys hanging with his fiancé, MacKenzie, and mischievous French Bulldog, Frank, and playing disc golf.

Kristen Cisco | VOX Customer Service

Debbie Herndon

VOX Customer Service

With 30 plus years in the graphics Department at Vox Printing, Debbie is our newest member of Customer Service. Joining Customer Service is another way to better serve our customers with years of McDonald’s related experience.

Debbie also maintains our website adding items and keeping our site up to date.

Family is the greatest joy in her life. Her husband James, of 30 years and 3 incredible children are her favorite blessings in life.

June Jordan | VOX Customer Service

June Jordan

VOX Customer Service

June enjoys her job as receptionist/CSR.  From greeting people as they come in the door to answering the phone, keeping orders moving, she is eager to assist in any way possible. She has been with Vox since 2014. June is married to Mike Jordan who is also a VOX employee.  Together they have three children and six grandchildren.

Andrea Larson | VOX Customer Service

Andrea Larson

VOX Account Executive

Andrea has worked at VOX Printing since 1997. She helps a variety of QSR chains, ensuring that their trayliners are accurately printed and delivered on time for their local, regional and national promotions.
She and her husband have been married since 1996. Their two children, ages 15 & 12, keep her busy and laughing and are constant reminders that life is precious and to always smile and enjoy what you are doing.

Autumn Morris | VOX Customer Service

Mike Luther

VOX Account Executive

Mike was born in the jungles of Mishawaka, Indiana but moved to Tennessee at a young age, where he was raised by wolves in a log cabin with dirt floors. He began wearing shoes at the age of 37 when he was rescued by a beautiful young girl from Tulsa. His love of printing is surpassed only by his passion for cooking and playing the French horn under a sweet gum tree at midnight. When he is not playing his horn he works on market wide printing promotions in the quick service food industry.

Barbra Mansfield | VOX Customer Service

Barbara Mansfield

VOX Senior Account Executive

Barbara has been with Vox for several years and has experienced first hand the tremendous growth of the company. She coordinates a variety of promotions and offers years of experience that she uses to efficiently and cost effectively serve her customers. She loves rush jobs and special projects. One of her favorite mottos is to live, laugh, love and by all means enjoy what you do and make good friends along the way.

Autumn Morris | VOX Customer Service

Autumn Morris

 VOX Customer Service Lead

 Autumn has been a customer service representative at Vox since 2010. She is the lead customer service representative for packaging and enjoys working with a variety of great people, interesting products, and often unique challenges. In addition to handling all the packaging details, she works with McDonald’s corporate stores to assist them with local store marketing for grand openings, promotions and special events.
She and her husband Stew, have two fur babies, Labs Aspyn and Gus.

Autumn Morris | VOX Customer Service

Hannah Smith

VOX Marketing Executive


Sustainable Packaging

Making a difference: at VOX Printing our sustainable practices reduce the amount of energy used and waste created in production.  We protect the environment through specific design initiatives reducing our usage of natural resources, materials and energy.  At VOX Printing all of our packaging is made from compostable paper not from landfill clogging plastic or foam.

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