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World’s Leading Trayliner & Placemat Specialist

VOX Printing is the world’s leading Trayliner and Placemat specialist. VOX produces more Trayliners and Placemats than anyone else in the United States. Each year we print enough Trayliners to circle the world four times. We are McDonald’s largest printer for Trayliners. Our 40-year relationship grew through years of consistent quality. A Trayliner is not “just a trayliner”. Your Trayliner is our business and our focus – a crucial marketing tool to speak directly to your customer. Whether you need a thousand, or several million, we are your dependable choice for Trayliners and Placemats.

50 Trayliners A Second

VOX Printing uses vegetable-based inks to ensure your Trayliners and Placemats are environmentally friendly. They are tested to meet the latest food safety requirements. We specially formulate our ink to produce brighter, truer colors. We set you apart from your competition. Our in-house graphic design team and state-of-the-art production facility insure your Trayliners and Placemats make the greatest impact on your customers. We have the fastest Trayliner press available. The press prints 50 Trayliners a second, that’s 180,000 Trayliners per hour. Choose the industry leader for your Trayliners and Placemats. Let VOX Printing put our decades of quick service restaurant experience to work for you, as your supply-partner.

Locally, Regionally, Nationally

Join the long list of satisfied VOX Printing customers. VOX Printing is one of the largest producers of quick service restaurant paper goods. No deadline is too demanding, no challenge too big. Locally, Regionally, Nationally, VOX Printing specializes in business solutions. We are small enough to serve our customers’ needs with lighting speed and large enough to serve the world’s biggest fast food giants. Call VOX Printing today 800-654-8437!

VOX Printing Custom Restaurant Trayliners Example
VOX Printing McDonalds Trayliners
VOX Printing Trayliners and Placemats

VOX Printing Trayliners & Placemats

VOX Printing Custom Trayliners & Placemats
VOX Printing Custom Trayliners & Placemats

Sustainable Packaging

Making a difference: at VOX Printing our sustainable practices reduce the amount of energy used and waste created in production.  We protect the environment through specific design initiatives reducing our usage of natural resources, materials and energy.  At VOX Printing all of our packaging is made from compostable paper not from landfill clogging plastic or foam.

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