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Kristen Cisco | VOX Customer Service

Kristen Cisco

VOX Customer Service

Kristen has been a customer service representative with Vox since 2011. She is fiery and bubbly and gets ridiculously excited when it comes to assisting others. She thrives on interactions with people and getting to know them.
She finds absolute joy in getting to know our customers and creating a mutual trust. That trust is empowering for brainstorming on creative solutions, anticipating needs in advance and delivering efficient workflow.

Kristen was born and raised in Oklahoma. She loves all things cinema and enjoys the heck out of food blogging. She loves to travel and hopes to gain many stamps on her passport.

Sustainable Packaging

Making a difference: at VOX Printing our sustainable practices reduce the amount of energy used and waste created in production.  We protect the environment through specific design initiatives reducing our usage of natural resources, materials and energy.  At VOX Printing all of our packaging is made from compostable paper not from landfill clogging plastic or foam.

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